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Prepare Like a Pro

Digital Client Screening

  • Covers all sections required in the Adult Pre Exercise Screening System
  • Efficiency Unleashed: Eliminate paperwork headaches by sending health screens in advance. Gather essential insights and ensure a smooth, productive session.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Five sections covering medical conditions, general health, aches and pains, training goals and history, and authorization.
  • Professionalism and Trust: Showcase your commitment with digital signatures, building trust and transparency with your clients.

Health Screen Form Sections

Section 1 – Medical Conditions:
Address the mandatory pre-screening questions to ensure critical health information for duty of care and legal requirements.

Section 2 – General Health:
Eight optional questions, to gain insights into BMI and activity levels. Generates a Level 2 total risk factor summary for a comprehensive health overview.

Section 3 – Aches & Pains:
Offer clients an opportunity to list and provide information about current aches and pains, facilitating session preparation.

Section 4 – Training Goals & History:
Uncover motivations, goals and history with five optional questions, providing valuable insights for effective session conversion.

Section 5 – Authorisation:
Secure client commitment with a mandatory signature, ensuring answer accuracy for compliance and accountability.

TrainerWave Personal Training Software get started and access the client screening tool for personal trainers to prepare like a pro for your sessions!

New Client Assessments

Fitness Assessments

  • First Impressions Matter: Use our mobile-optimised tool to conduct impressive initial training sessions, building trust from the start.
  • Extensive Options: Eight sections including BMI, squat check, posture analysis, shoulder range, physical tests, fun challenges, workouts, and hell sets. Upload photos and videos for a complete assessment.
  • Detailed Summaries: Email full summaries directly to your clients, ensuring they have all the information they need.

Fitness Assessment Tool Sections

Section 1: Tried and Tested BMI
Provide your client with a quick summary of their body mass index, offering a useful starting baseline and a potential goal to aim for.

Section 2: Posture Analysis
Highlight the importance of good posture for your clients’ well-being. Use visual images and cues to assist in analysing and addressing posture issues. Offer a quick, easy-to-read summary of causes, exercises, and advice on the spot.

Section 3: Squat Check:
Assess how well your client can squat using visual images and cues to analyse and address common squat mistakes. Get an easy-to-read summary of causes, exercises, and advice for immediate implementation.

Section 4: Shoulder Range of Motion:
Check your client’s shoulder range of motion with a quick and easy-to-read diagram.Get an easy-to-read summary of exercises, and advice for immediate implementation.

Section 5: Workouts:
Add your own workouts with customisable exercises along with notes for each movement

Section 6: Hell Sets:
Challenge your clients with a crossfit style squat, deadlift or bench press challenge

Section 7: Physical Tests:
Score your clients’ strength and fitness with standard physical tests.

Section 8: Fun Challenges:
End your first session on a high note with a fun challenge: See how close they can get to matching an Olympic rower or an elite marathon runner!

Section 9: Trainer Notes:
Add in your notes for your sesssion that only you can see and reference.

Get started with TrainerWave Personal Training Software to help you sign up more clients today and access the Fitness Assessment Tool!

Seal the Deal

Training Agreements

  • Seamless Sign-Up: Present personalised training agreements on your mobile device. Secure legally recognized signatures and generate PDF documents emailed directly to you and your client.
  • No Delays: Eliminate the need for potential clients to take agreements away for review. Secure their commitment on the spot.
  • Option to sign agreement with your client or email for signing.

Training Agreement Sections

This section ensures that everything you need is in place then and there to secure their commitment. Once signed, a PDF document of your Training Agreement is generated and securely emailed directly to both you and your client.

Seal the deal effortlessly with TrainerWave’s Tailored Personal Training Agreements. Streamline your sign-up process and secure commitments hassle-free with Personal Training Software designed to help you sign up more clients.

No delays, no extra steps

Handle Payments

  • Instant Setup: Add your direct debit payment link to secure payments instantly. No delays, no extra steps – just seamless transitions from impressive sessions to confirmed commitments.

Elevate your client sign-up experience with TrainerWave’s Effortless Payment Handling feature. Secure commitments seamlessly and hassle-free!

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Real Results:

How TrainerWave is Changing the Game

Personal Training Software

Ready to Streamline your Personal Training Business?

So you can Focus on what Truly Matters – changing lives through fitness!

14 days free trial,  No credit card required.

Personal Training Software built by Trainers for Trainers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TrainerWave?

TrainerWave is a comprehensive personal training software built by trainers for trainers. It is designed to help personal trainers sign up more clients by streamlining the entire client management process.

How does TrainerWave help personal trainers sign up more clients?

TrainerWave assists trainers in signing up more clients by simplifying the buyer journey. It provides tools for health screening, fitness assessments, training agreements, and payments, all from a mobile device. This efficiency allows trainers to focus more on training and less on administrative tasks. But please never forget the most important skill to learn for success will always be How To Sell Personal Training

What features does TrainerWave offer for health screening?

TrainerWave includes a digital health screen that trainers can send to clients. This online form comprehensively covers everything needed to prepare for a session, eliminating the need for paper forms and saving valuable time at the start of the session.

How does TrainerWave assist with fitness assessments?

TrainerWave offers tools for assessing clients’ posture, squat form, and shoulder range. It also includes a workout builder that allows trainers to create custom workouts and send them to clients in PDF format.

How can I get started with TrainerWave?

Trainers can sign up for TrainerWave in minutes, access a free 14-day trial, and start using the software right away. Get started and get going in just a few minutes.

What is the training agreement feature in TrainerWave?

The training agreement feature in TrainerWave allows trainers to quickly present and sign agreements with clients on the spot. This feature streamlines the sign-up process at the point of sale, making it easier to secure commitments.

Does TrainerWave offer CRM capabilities?

Yes, TrainerWave includes CRM capabilities that allow trainers to store information on potential clients and nurture them through the buying process. This helps trainers manage their client base effectively and convert more leads into clients.

Who can benefit from using TrainerWave?

TrainerWave is ideal for personal trainers looking to streamline their business operations and improve client management. It is especially beneficial for trainers who want to increase their client base and enhance the efficiency of their administrative tasks.

Does TrainerWave offer a free version?

Yes, TrainerWave offers a free version that includes the health screen and client management CRM. This allows trainers to access essential features without any cost.

Personal Training Software

Ready to Streamline your Personal Training Business?

So you can Focus on what Truly Matters – changing lives through fitness!

14 days free trial,  No credit card required.